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Ripple Music sets December 8th, 2017 as official release date for Switchblade Jesus / Fuzz Evil "Chapter 7: The Second Coming of Heavy" split!

Fuzz Evil:
Formed in 2014, Fuzz Evil is a chug-heavy 3 Piece that tames the fuzziest guitar and bass tones on the planet and wields them to blast a monolithic speaker-ripping fuzzapocaplyse for your ears and soul. Raw and dirty in "Stooges-like" fashion with soaring soulful vocals. Fuzz Evil released their first single, “Glitterbones” on a 7” split with the California trio Chiefs on Battleground records in 2014. In 2016 they followed up the single with a full self-titled debut release on Battleground records.  In the past few year they have gone through a few line-up changes. The current line-up is Orgo Martinez on drums, Wayne Rudell on guitar and vocals, and his brother Joey Rudell on bass and vocals.

Switchblade Jesus:
From the depths of Texas, Switchblade Jesus returns with a heaviness and deep grooves that succeed their previous recordings. Mixing southwestern boogie, desert-worn blues, retro-metal assault and fierce rocking into a sound that screams Texas–at times sanguine and starkly beautiful, at others full of damn sexy groove and assaulting violence can only describe the music of Texan power rocking, fuzzed out stoner blues trio, Switchblade Jesus.

Consisting of Eric Calvert (Vox/Guitar) Jon Elizondo (Drums) and new comer Chris Black (bass) to the fold to create a new chapter in Switchblade Jesus, more Doom and Gloom but no lack of the groove that the Texan's brought in the beginning.

Influenced by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, High on Fire, Melvins, Church of Misery, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, DOWN, Orange Goblin, Clutch, Sleep.

Thursday, November 16, 2017



The new album,“I Am Legion”, by Swedish blackened thrash metallers WITCHERY is out NOW via CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS!

Read below to find out what the critics have to say about the release!

- 6/7 Points Review - # 1 in Soundcheck – Metal Hammer (DE)
- 8/10 Points - # 6 in Soundcheck – Rock Hard (DE)
- 11/15 Points - # 7 in Souncheck – Legacy (DE)
- 8/10 Points Review – Rock Tribune (BE)

- “…a perfect mix of death, black and thrash metal” - 85/100 Points Review – Aardschok (NL)
- "Fast and furious" - 7/10 Points Review – Metal Hammer (UK)

- "Another excellent release by these Swedes!” - 85/100 Points Review – Lords Of Metal (NL)

- "...a blackened treasure of metal oozing with maniacal fury" - 9.5/10 Points Review – Metal Wani

As with last year’s previous album “In His Infernal Majesty’s Service”, “I Am Legion” was created in the WITCHERY line-up consisting of Angus Norder (Vocals), Jensen (Guitar), Rickard Rimfält (Lead Guitar), Sharlee D’Angelo (Bass) and Chris Barkensjö (Drums). The album was also produced and mixed by Daniel Bergstrand at Dugout Studios (Behemoth, In Flames, Meshuggah) and comes packaged in powerful artwork by Andreas Diaz Pettersson.

WITCHERY – “I Am Legion” (39:50):
1. Legion (01:13)
2. True North (04:08)
3. Welcome, Night (03:55)
4. Of Blackened Wing (04:17)
5. Dry Bones (03:59)
6. Amun-Ra (03:29)
7. Seraphic Terror (03:34)
8. A Faustian Deal (03:41)
9. An Unexpected Guest (04:05)
10. Great Northern Plague (01:49)
11. The Alchemist (05:34)

The album’s first single “True North” and its video by Niklas Sundin / Cabin fever media is here:

The album’s second single “Of Blackened Wing” and its video by Martin Hultgren / Gryt Film is here:

The album’s third single “Welcome, Night” and its lyric video by Cloud Music Typography is here:

A brief trailer for “I Am Legion” can also be seen here:

Stream /Download “I Am Legion” now at

11/25     Bogotá, CO - Festival del Diablo III
2/1-5     70,000 Tons Of Metal (USA) Cruise
3/2-4     Tilburg, NL - Netherlands Death Fest
4/27-28 Erica, NL - Pitfest

Angus Norder – Vocals
Jensen – Guitar
Rickard Rimfält – Lead Guitar
Sharlee D’Angelo – Bass
Chris Barkensjö – Drums

WITCHERY Discography:
Restless & Dead – 1998
Witchburner / EP – 1999
Dead, Hot And Ready – 1999
Symphony For The Devil – 2001
Don't Fear The Reaper – 2006
Witchkrieg – 2010
In His Infernal Majesty’s Service – 2016
I Am Legion – 2017

WITCHERY online:

LÅNGFINGER: "Say Jupiter" Video From Gothenburg Power Trio Now Playing At The Obelisk

[Photo by Edko Fuzz]

View / Share LÅNGFINGER's "Say Jupiter" HERE.

Gothenburg power trio LÅNGFINGER is pleased to unveil latest video, "Say Jupiter." The tune comes by way of their Crossyears full-length, released last year via Small Stone.

Directed, produced, and edited in a restaurant kitchen by Anders Bryngel, the clip is currently playing at The Obelisk who issues, "I don't know who in LÅNGFINGER's world owns a restaurant and decided to give the three-piece access to the kitchen for the purposes of the Anders Bryngel-directed clip, but the results are pretty hilarious. As anyone who's ever made one can tell you, a good meal is as much about preparation as it is about the taste of the outcome, and whether they're in the kitchen rocking out or in the front of the house getting the royal treatment from the waitstaff - also played by them - bassist/vocalist Victor Crusner, guitarist/backing vocalist Kalle Lilja and drummer/backing vocalist Jesper Pihl seem to be having a great time putting it altogether. Whatever dinner turns out to be, it's apparently a pretty transcendent experience. Must've had a lot of garlic. God damn, I love garlic."

Watch "Say Jupiter," courtesy of The Obelisk, at THIS LOCATION, where you can also view the band's previously-released "Fox Confessor" video.

The ten-track Crossyears full-length was recorded by Johan Reivén and Olle Björck at Sweden's Welfare Sounds Studio with additional recordings by LÅNGFINGER at Beduin HQ, mixed by Olle Björck, and mastered by Daniel Johansson. Wrote Sea Of Tranquility in a 4/5 review, "If you love albums like Mountain's Climbing!, any of Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie, and Grand Funk Railroad's first few, and even The Who's Who's Next, you'll find plenty to sink your teeth into here on Crossyears. Add LÅNGFINGER to the already healthy list of outstanding Swedish retro rockers who are keeping the sounds of the '70s alive."

Stream Crossyears in full HERE where the album is available for purchase.

A truly kick ass power trio is quite possibly the perfect rock formation. If there aren't that many trios around, that's because it's a hard thing to pull off: with just three people having to nail the rhythmic fusion of bass and drums, the wild colors of guitar, and the soul-grabbing focus of the human voice, there can be no passengers aboard. Extraordinary chemistry is essential. Everyone has to be right on it, and locked in. Which is why lots of trios fail, or cop out, and recruit extras.

The members of LÅNGFINGER, hailing from the fertile rock 'n' roll city of Gothenburg, are masters of the art. They've been playing together since they were in their early teens, and their imminent third album is both the thrilling culmination of their collective endeavor, and a rumination on it - on how time has shaped them and brought them to this point. Within its hard-hitting grooves, the interlocking of LÅNGFINGER's three disparate characters - Kalle Lilja, the unflappable, precision axeman; Jesper Pihl, the athletic sticksman battering out physical revenge on his kit; and Victor Crusner, the intense, exploratory spirit, bridging thundering bass and howling exorcism - is a magical proposition.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Xroadie Files

Primitive Man – Caustic
Ethan Lee McCarthy – Guitars/Vocals, Jonathan Campos – Bass, Joe Linden – Drums

My Will lots of feedback and slow plodding droning riffs with vocals from the mouth of a demon.  Victim more feedback and fuzz with a slightly mid-tempo beat and vocals that sear your soul.  Caustic noise from hades and other places beyond the grave then Commerce starts a slow plodding demonic marching from hell.  Tepid has feedback that hurts the ears and more slow plodding demonic sounds form the underworld.  Ash works its way into your brain with a screech then Sterility pounds you into submission then back to a slow march to hades.  Sugar Hole grinds its way into your very being sucking all of the light out.  The Weight has all the sounds of hell bearing down on you and just devouring your mind then Disfigured grabs your soul and rips it out.  Inevitable is just what it says the end of your sanity.  Absolutes feedback and strange sounds that slowly drive you insane totally.

Profetus – Coronation Of The Black Sun
V Kajansuu – Drums, Eppe Kuismin – Guitar, A Makinen – Guitar/Vocals, S Kajunssu – Keyboards

Skull Of Silence slow and steady Sabbath like rhythms that seems to be coming from a witches coven black mass.  The Eye Of Phosphoros grinds even deeper and darker into the black pit of nothingness.  Coalescence Of Ashen Wings growling grinding deep into your very being and just converting your soul to darkness.  Blood of Saturn worming its way up behind you grabbing your throat and just strangling the life out of you.  Saturine Night hidden deep in your sub conscious is lost emotions. Winter Solstice is just dark deep growling lost in the woods for your life music and vocals.  Blood of Saturn Live completes this horror music fest.

Purple Hill Witch – Celestial Cemetery
Kristian – Guitar/Vocals, Andreas- Bass, Oyvind – Drums

Ghouls In Leather guitar feedback slowly builds then bass comes in then the drums these guys were definitely influences by old Sabbath.  Harbinger of Death heavy riffs pounding drums and bass slow Sabbath stoner rock.  Celestial Cemetary continues the doom stoner festival that will have you just tripping away with some excellent lead guitar.  Around The Universe takes back to the early days of Black Sabbath and just slow emotional tripping music.  Menticide head banging heavy metal that just envelopes you and takes you away to another time and place.  The First Encounter could be on one of the first few Sabbath albums and fit in very well great moody heavy metal with some excellent searing lead guitar.  Burnt Offering ends this doom fest correctly with lots of great playing and emotion.

Shine Bright – More Wild Than The Wind
Spenser Sorensen - , Michael Burton –Guitar  , Zane Waltrous,-Vocals  Jordan Talley - Bass, Tailor Neilson-  Guitar

Grow Up hard core/pop punk vocals and interesting riffs with some excellent drumming.  Jamais Vu is slightly more melodic at the start the goes back and forth from hardcore to pop punk.  Remorse lots of feedback and a grinding riff with gruff yelling vocals.  With A Heavy Heart punches away at you and has some twists and turns.  More Wild Than The Wind has an excellent Green Day style of beat and some interesting vocals.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Norwegian/English dreamy folk duo Tuvaband Release new Single 'Mess'

“Heavenly melody merges with intriguing electronics” (Clash)

“Atmospheric” (Alt Press)

“Melancholic music has never felt so good” (Wonderland)

“We recorded and produced the EP in each of our flats. After recording, we got help from Jonas Kjølstad of At The Loft Records to create the sound to be a mix between our first demos, Lisa Cranner’s music, and Bon Iver’s first album.”

Tuvaband is a Norwegian/English duo made of Tuva Hellum Marschhaüser and Simon Would. Their sound is a melancholic dream world of indie and contemplative lo-fi folk aesthetics influenced by Bon Iver. However you describe their sound, it’s quickly gaining mass appeal. Since their first release one year ago their songs are already pushing 13 million Spotify plays. Their new single, “Mess” is a poetic song gently balancing piano and acoustic guitar with Tuva’s voice. The effect is an immersive listening experience that invokes imagery of a bird guarding an empty nest from predators.

With comparisons to the likes of Laura Marling and The Staves, Tuvaband have regularly been named as one of the best new Scandinavian bands currently looking to dominate the UK’s music scene. And with songs like these, it is easy to see why so many have already fallen for their charm.

About the EP, the band says, “We recorded and produced the EP in each of our flats. After recording, we got help from Jonas Kjølstad of At The Loft Records to create the sound to be a mix between our first demos, Lisa Cranner’s music, and Bon Iver’s first album.” Overall, the EP feels like a beckoning call to return to nature, which also means disconnecting from the electronics that rule our lives. The lyrics are sophisticated and artistic, gracefully narrating stories like a choir of birds in a tranquil forest. ​​​​​​​

Tuvaband’s Mess EP is out NOW on Brilliance Records.

Mess EP
T R A C K L I S T:

1. Mess
2. Eventually Silence
3. Trees
4. She's Nothing Like A Child
5. Outro
6. The Observer

EXCALIBUR IV - THE DARK AGE OF THE DRAGON The Rock Opera Album Featuring Members of Jethro Tull, Saga, Uriah Heep, Curved Air, Clannad, Supertramp and others! OUT NOW!

EXCALIBUR IV is the widely anticipated fourth NEW STUDIO ALBUM in the Celtic Rock Opera series, following on from the GOLD and PLATINUM selling original trilogy. EXCALIBUR IV was played live in its entirety to 12 ARENAS in Germany in December 2016 and will be touring again in 2018.

Released on Babaika Productions, via Cherry Red Records, the album features appearances by:
Alan Stivell
Michael Sadler (Saga)
Jesse Sibenberg & John Helliwell (Supertramp)
Martin Barre (Jethro Tull)
Moya Brennan (Clannad)
Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth)
Bernie Shaw (Uriah Heep)
Siobham Owen
Sonja Kristina (Curved Air)
John Kelly (The Kelly Family)
Maite Itoiz (Elfhental)

Excalibur – the legendary rock opera is back!
After a thousand years of imprisonment, Merlin – the wizard – finally escapes from Morgana’s spell. Initially intrigued by the beauty of the new world that he returned to, he soon discovers the decay of knightly and sublime virtues, which once had been so bravely defended by King Arthur’s roundtable. An enraged Merlin casts his biggest spell over this world and brings the mighty dragon to life. A epic return of the legendary Celtic rock opera on to German stages, a new chapter in the saga around the sword Excalibur – this is “EXCALIBUR - The Dark Age Of The Dragon”.

A trailer for the album can be seen here:

Track List:


To purchase EXCALIBUR IV:

For more information:
Alan Simon's official website:

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Negativehate began in 1995 and have had a lot of ups and downs and especially lineup changes, but the one thing that remained after all of this was the guarantee of music that is challenging and full of emotion and talent. Based in Monroe, NY the band is comprised of Mike Stewart (keys, vocals), Eric Stewart (bass), Chuck Scandura (guitar, vocals), Sergio Sanchez (drums), and Freedom Scheyd (guitar, backing vocals).

The music is a mix of many styles; ambient, prog rock, alternative and post metal, but it all seems to work in their favor creating a sound that will astound and confound in places. The songs are mostly long and do have meandering parts like “The Expansion of the Universe (via magnification of the infinitesimal)” does, but you find yourself just going along and floating during those moments and then when it gets heavy and the growled, almost death metal vocals come in, it fits perfectly. The songs on the album are conceptualized after a story of the same name also written by the band, so it has a definite meaning to it and actually makes for a great listen. This is not an album to throw on and party along to, unless you have really weird parties….and I want to party with you! This is one of those listen to it in one shot to get the full effect of the music, even though you will find tracks that stand out more for you, like I did with “The Expansion of the Universe (via magnification of the infinitesimal)”. The songs do flow from one to the next without a lot of difference between them, but that’s not a complaint, it just makes the whole thing work in ways that most just can’t seem to do.

Give your ears a treat and freak them out a bit with the time changes, vocal variations and other non-traditional sounds on here and let them grow and evolve into something better than just holes where sound goes in, but turn them into something special and lovely, but demented at the same time. A great listen and one that just seems to get better the more I listen to it.

-Rick Ecker

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