Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Interview With The Harp Twins

The Harp Twins are twin ladies who know how to rock! They have played for heads of state and celebrities around the country. But they are true music fans as well as fans of metal! They  perform a variety of Television theme songs as well as covers by such notable classic metal acts like Iron Maiden, Ozzy, and even AC/DC. Not only does their music sound amazing but their videos are equally fantastic visual representations of their passion. 

1. Your cover of Iron Maiden's "Fear Of The Dark" is excellent. It is what led me
to discover your music. Are there any plans to do more Maiden songs?

Thanks so much! “Fear of the Dark” is our favorite Maiden song and we had a
ton of fun covering it! We also recently posted a video for our arrangement of
“Dance of Death” – which was our most elaborate music video to date! We have
gotten a lot of requests to cover more Iron Maiden, so you can definitely expect
more in the future. We have yet another Maiden song on our “to arrange” list that
we think our fans will love.

2. Obviously the two of you are fans of metal music as well as other forms. Name
your top five metal acts.

That’s really difficult, because we have a lot of favorite songs from a lot of
different groups. However, some metal acts that make the top of our current list
are Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Eluveitie, Angra, and Metallica.

3. Are there any bands that you would like to record with? And perhaps perform
on stage?

Oh goodness, yes! It would be a huge honor to play with any of the bands and
artists we’ve covered!

4. The current wave of metal bands from Europe are Symphonic and female
fronted. Do you ever see The Harp Twins perhaps fronting your own symphonic
style metal band?

We find it awesome that there are so many female fronted European symphonic
metal bands! It would be fun to perform with a rock or metal band some day, and
being able to rock out with a band backing us would be a dream come true. :) :)

5. Playing for presidents and people from all manner of life, do you have any
crazy stories that may have happened backstage or during a show?

One of the things that we most love about performing is that every audience and
show is different. When we’ve played for huge political events, our harps have
always been “swept” by the Secret Service. It was amusing to see the dogs
sniffing around our harps and equipment. One time a few years ago, we were
playing for a church service and the pastor tripped and fell on K during
communion. She and the harp were almost knocked over and there were
communion wafers all over the floor and us. Luckily, we didn’t miss a beat and
the pastor was fine. However, thankfully we haven’t had anything too crazy ever.

6. The Harp seems a little out of reach for the average student in school. Do you
think The Harp Twins could help to change this? Maybe tour some schools to
inspire the younger generation?

We think that the only reason that harps seem “out of reach” is that people tend
to not think outside of the box. Since there are so many people that play the
piano, or violin, or guitar, people can see the potential of those instruments. We
are trying to show the world that the harp can rock just as much as any
instrument and it isn’t necessarily any more expensive than learning any other
instrument. In fact, we recently partnered with Harpsicle Harps to show what can
be done with small, affordable harps. Our most recently video is our arrangement
of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train”, which we arranged specially for our Harpsicle
Harps! ( When we first
wanted to learn the harp in middle school, we worked a lot of jobs to earn money
for our instruments and lessons. We had to show our mom that we were serious
about learning the harp. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we didn’t let anything
stop us from following our dreams. We didn’t believe (and still don’t believe) that
anything is out of reach for someone who is willing to put in the time and effort to
pursue their dreams. We’ve played for quite a few schools for kids of all ages and
that is always a lot of fun! It is awesome to see the reactions of kids to what we
can do with our harps. We definitely think our music is starting to reach a new
audience and we would love to inspire a new generation of musicians. We love
taking the harp where it has never been before!

7. Future plans for The Harp Twins

We’re not sure what the future holds, but world domination by the Harp Twins
Revolution is a definite possibility. ;) ;) We would love to continue to perform on
our harps and act. We love traveling, so we hope our work will allow us to see
the world. The future is full of exciting possibilities and we can’t wait to see what
life has in store.

8. Although twins, each of you has your own unique personality. Name
something about each other that people might never guess...

K: Camille can trill really, really, high. Like ear-shatteringly high in pitch.
C: Kennerly can whistle and I can’t whistle worth beans. It seems like I should be
able to since we are the same genetically!

9. Anything you would like to say to your fans.

Our fans are the BEST and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them!
The support of our fans means the world to us and we are so grateful for each
and every person who supports our music and us. We try to show that
appreciation every day by spending as much time as possible interacting with
them on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

That's about it. I know you are busy so take your time. Personally I think your
music and versions of classic covers are excellent. Keep up the fantastic music

Thank you so much for your interest in our Duet Harp Revolution! We would love
to connect with your readers on our
Facebook (
YouTube (
Twitter (
Google+ (
and Instagram (

- Metalrising

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MOTHERSHIP Confirmed For Brooklyn's UNINVITED Festival

Dallas, Texas-based riffers Mothership have announced a headline slot on the first night ofUNINVITED, Brooklyn's first annual 4-day festival of art, bikes, music and skateboarding that will take place at at Nihil Gallery September 18-21, 2014.

Other bands for the weekend include The Skull, Bloody Hammers, Sasquatch, Lo Pan, Orchid, The Shrine, Electric Citizen, Mount Salem, Lecherous Gaze, Weedeater, Elder, and many more.

This monster 4-day event will turn an empty lot in Brooklyn into a micro community of metal music, motorcycle enthusiasts, skateboarders, and art lovers enjoying the last of the summer wine, and creating a platform for an annual street event set to become a Brooklyn legend.

For tickets to this monster event, head to THIS LOCATION.

For all other info about UNINVITED, head HERE.

Supersonic intergalactic heavy rock trio Mothership based out of Dallas, Texas give a real sense of hope that all is well in the universe, and that pure honest rock and roll has once again returned to this planet on a mission to unite true believers. Consisting of brothers Kyle Juett on bass/lead vocals, Kelley Juett on guitar/vocals, and Judge Smith on drums, these guys have created a unique sound that satisfies like a steaming hot stew of UFO and Iron Maiden, blended with the southern swagger of Molly Hatchet and ZZ Top, paired with a deadly chalice of Black Sabbath. Mothership’s goal from the beginning has been to carry on the tradition of the classic rock style of the ’70s, updated and amped up for the modern day. The band has been non-stop road warriors since the release of their debut album in February 2013 on Ripple Music successfully invading the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe playing either on festival stages, night clubs, or outdoors under the sun at motorcycle parties.

The band is set to release their sophomore album, Mothership II, in November 2014 on Ripple Music, and one can only expect more of the same unrelenting onslaught of heavy riffs, head-banging grooves, and mind-melting solos. This heavy rock juggernaut has only just begun their tear across the universal cosmos and have no plans of ever slowing down. Do not miss your chance to hop on board and join Mothership.

For all press inquiries, please contact

Four Quickies

Kap Kap - Flux of Solace

This is a damn good record. One of the best this year. Really. I mean it. It's crazy, it's fresh sounding, it's fun to listen to, it spins and makes circles in the air. Maybe they used magic to make it? If you listen close, you can hear the screams of the innocents used as sacrifices during the recording. But really, I don't want to spoil the fun by trying to describe this, just find out for yourself. DO IT.

White Reaper -

These guys are just a tidal wave of sound. It is fantastic. I've been listening to these dudes for about a week now, and it just puts a smile on my face every time. A couple favorite tracks are "Conspirator" and "Funn." To me, Funn almost sounds like "She's the One" by The Ramones. That's a good thing, even the Gabba Gabba men didn't make this much noise. It's a short album, well worth your time.

Pillar Point -

I get into these moods where I like chill synth pop. During such times I often turn to bands like Suicide (so, maybe synth pop wasn't the right word, or chill, but who's keeping score?), Neon Indian, Kaskade, Portishead, Grouper, and the boys over at Webbed Hand Records. But, lately, I've been keen on Pillar Point. Who is Pillar Point? No idea. I don't tend to do a lot of research on the bands, I just accept things that come to me. Lazy? Sure. This is solid stuff though, nonetheless. Check out the song's "Cherry" and "Black Hole", you'll get me.

Alvvays -

This is a little out of my norm. It's a little on the cheery pop side of things I don't usually go for, but I'll be damned if "Archie, Marry Me" isn't catchy as hell. The singer hits notes in an interesting sort of way. She has a really unique voice. This is probably one of those "you need to listen to the lyrics" albums, but I'm bad at that because words are just music for me. So, maybe there's a lot more to this than just cool songs and good music, but this is one pop album that hits me just the right way.

- Headshot

Monday, August 25, 2014

LEAVE A SCAR: LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA, the brand new live album from southern rockers BLACKBERRY SMOKE, is out now in Europe


Known as one of the most hard-working bands around, BLACKBERRY SMOKE regularly play up to 250 shows a year and are now bringing one of their phenomenal live performances to their fans around the world to watch and listen to over and over again.

LEAVE A SCAR: LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA is available now on double CD, featuring 22 live tracks spread across 2 discs and accompanied by a bonus 18-track concert DVD stuffed with extras, including interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the band at home and on the road.  The album is also available on 22-track double vinyl LP in a range of limited edition colours exclusively from the Earache Webstore.


The album is also available now on iTunes at

Watch the official LEAVE A SCAR: LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA trailer at

Don't miss your chance to witness BLACKBERRY SMOKE live in the flesh on their upcoming European tour this October and November:

Oct. 15 - Dublin, Ireland - The Academy
Oct. 16 - Glasgow, UK - O2 ABC
Oct. 17 - Manchester, UK - The Ritz
Oct. 19 - London, UK - O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire
Oct. 21 - Cambridge, UK - Junction
Oct. 22 - Birmingham, UK - The Institute
Oct. 24 - Paris, France - Alhambra
Oct. 25 - Cologne, Germany - Kantine
Oct. 26 - Hengelo, Netherlands - Metropool
Oct. 27 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg
Oct. 29 - Leuven, Belgium - Depot
Oct. 30 - Mannheim, Germany - Alte Seilerei
Oct. 31 - Zurich, Switzerland - Komplex Klub
Nov. 02 - Nuremburg, Germany - Hirsh
Nov. 03 - Berlin, Germany - C-Club
Nov. 04 - Esbjerg, Denmark - Tobakken
Nov. 06 - Malmö, Sweden - KB
Nov. 07 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Tradgarn
Nov. 08 - Oslo, Norway - John Dee
Nov. 09 - Stockholm, Sweden - Tryol

Get your tickets now at
Get more BLACKBERRY SMOKE news and info:
Official site -
Facebook -
Twitter -

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ripple Field Trip: Dirt Fest 2014


With more than a decade under it’s belt, Dirt Fest has established itself as one of America’s premiere metal festivals and must-see Summer music attractions in the region. The 2014 iteration sported more than 50 hardcore bands on six stages and was so well run that it was damn near perfect.

Thousands braved the fairly intense heat and humidity to attend, and all of them were rewarded with a well organized, day-long extravaganza of metal, mosh, mayhem and monstrosities. National Rock Review did an amazing job with their involvement and with more merchandise booths, dunk tanks and plushy jousting matches than you could count, there was plenty of fun to be had traveling from stage to stage amongst the attendees.

Heavy hitters like Kill Switch Engage, Gemini Syndrome and Tantric gave energetic, high-quality performances as expected, but for me it was some of the lesser known, intensely hungry bands that really stole the show and personified the spirit of the entire Dirt Fest experience.


1876, a local, Flint, Michigan band was my first stop on the festival map and they exceeded any expectation I might have had going in. Fueled by a raging  youthful attitude and inspirations which include bleeding and bourbon, these guys threw down a barrage of hyper punk ugliness that easily got the early morning crowd jacked up well before most of the acts even had a second cup of coffee. Seek them out.


Next, I had a chance to hang out with Murder FM vocalist and frontman, Norman “The Gnar” Matthew before their performance. Norman is a fun guy. He’s the type of person everyone wants to be around. His eyes grow big and his face lights up with every thought, making you feel special and genuinely connected, and that carries over intuitively into the band’s fiery live show which gets the crowd involved, howling along wildly and experiencing the same kinetic connection that Norman provides personally.

Growing up on the music and showmanship of legendary performers such as Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue gave “The Gnar” a huge thirst for big drums, big shows and big entertainment, and Murder FM clearly strives to explode with those larger than life concepts every time they hit the stage.

Touring with bands like Korn and the Deftones and hooking up with the iconic Rob Zombie have done nothing but grow the band’s love of the arena atmosphere, and with a string of sexy, rock-metal singles and videos under their spiked belt, it’s not hard to see why fans are eagerly awaiting their new album, “We The Evil”.

Labeling yourself Murder Fucking Music may seem a little brazen, but these guys use their charisma and flair for the dramatic to intimately connect with the crowd to form an organic, moshing mob of blood thirsty accomplices that might very well destroy today’s generic music status-quo right alongside them.

Get in on the bloody action yourself by catching these guys on tour or checking out their latest video on Revolver.


As the sun finally departed and gave way to a nice breeze, I wandered over to see the Dirt Fest finale on the National Rock Review stage from Beast In The Field. Beast is another local Michigan band, and they are well known for their earsplitting, outrageously loud sound and mind crushing, megalithic tone.

I arrived to watch in stunned amazement as cab after cab of 4x12 insanity was artfully arranged to create a veritable wall of silence-damning audio power. 14 cabs in total, forming an epic pyramid of woofer Valhalla that was clearly designed to serve the growing crowd a memorable near deaf experience.

Eventually, Beast In The Field began their set in what I can only describe as an eruption of gargantuan stoner might that choked the night air into submission and throttled the crowd down into head bobbing doom mode.  It’s hard to believe that a mere duo can produce that insane volume of raw sound, but when you see the determination and malice that goes into bludgeoning the drum set and the passionate torturing of the guitar, it starts to make some sense.

Along the way, you get an acute realization that all that raw power is being maniacally crafting into something beautiful and rare and blatant intensity eventually just cannot mask it. Although I wouldn’t dare call it delicate, I would hazard to say that there’s quite a lot of beauty to go along with this beast, and ultimately that beauty gets through- and it's glorious.

Beast In The Field is the only group of the three that has a vinyl release, and, indeed, they have several of them on the Saw Her Ghost label. Each features very impressive occult artwork and each is undoubtedly “holy shit" heavy. Their latest release on vinyl, Lechuguilla, will be available later this year.

Heading out for the night, I couldn’t help thinking back on just what a truly delightful experience Dirt Fest 2014 had been. It was truly a fun and unique experience filled with amazing people and memorable performances from start to finish. I know I will be back, and I hope you will plan to join me there for Dirt Fest 2015.


Photo credits Gerfupelspat, Oldfatbroke

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Revenge of the Quick Ripple Bursts - Featuring Mexico City Blondes, Catatonic Society and the Casket Crew

A quick look at what's been spinning in the Ripple office of late.

Mexico City Blondes - S/T

To my knowledge, only the single "Fade" has been released to the public, but guitarist/songwriter Greg Doscher was kind enough to send me the whole album and let me tell you . . . if you like the laid-back downtempo vibe of "Fade" you're gonna love what's still to come.

Mexico City Blondes is the work of Santa Barbara musicians Allie Thompson and Greg Doscher.  Last time we heard from Greg he was part of the indy-rockers Tripdavon who blew Ripple away several years back.  With that band on hiatus, he's teamed up with angelic, smoky voice Allie to release these stunning compositions of downtempo chill.  Combining Allie's soaring yet languid vocals over perfect beats and instrumentation, MCB have crafted an infinitely listenable downtempo delight.  There was a time when I was really deep into the downtemp world of bands like Kruder and Dorfmeister or Si*Se.  MCB would sit beautifully upon the same shelf as those accomplished artists.  Simplicity and beauty hallmark each song, and when Greg digs into his guitar like on the inspired solo during "Watery Dreams" it's simply a treat.   Allie is a comfortable vocalist with an unmistakable timeless quality to her singing.

If you're waiting for your next favorite downtempo album of the year, it's coming soon.  Meanwhile, check out facebook for updates.

Catatonic Society - Demo-nology

 Rude, raw, and crass.  And damn fucking good.

Ok, enough with the downtempo, let's rev things up, and to do just that we'll start with this blast of old-school thrash/NWOBHM/Hardcore madness from SF Bay Area's own Catatonic Society.  Playing gigs with Ripple favorites Blackwulf, it's damn encouraging to see the East Bay heavy rock scene growing and gaining some serious traction. 

Only four songs here, but there's absolutely no let-up from start to finish in the intensity, power and primal energy of these cats' metal.  Riffs fly like birdshot blasting from a shotgun in hunting season.  Drums explode.  Bass pounds.  And on top of it all are some seriously cool, histrionic vocals that always seem on edge of tipping over into insanity.  

Fans of early thrash and the heavier NWOBHM should take note.  This is just their demo EP, but a full -length is coming soon.  Definitely worth watching.   Free download of EP below.

The Casket Crew - Coercion

While we're on the topic of exploding eardrums.  From Denver, these death and rollers, The Casket Crew have unleashed a monster of metalic mayhem with their CD, Coercion.  Vocals that recently decended to the depths of Hades empire combine with metalic riffing and good-ol rock roots to create one ungodly bastard of terrorizing rock n roll.

One thing I really love is the lack of overusing the blast beats and double kick drum.  Instead, the band riffs with manic intensity but actually creates a groove and let's the song breathe.  Damn, I wish more metal bands would learn to do that.  They're also not afraid to mix things up a bit.   "Bones" kicks off with some very nice neo-prog sequences before the metal bludgeons all within earshot.  Even then, the riffs stay mighty and the groove stays heavy. 

This is my kind of metal.  Heavy as fuck, but still has the soul of rock.   Jump in. 


Friday, August 22, 2014

Blackwolfgoat Set To Release Drone Maintenance

Progressive drone project, BLACKWOLFGOAT, is the solo vessel of guitarist Darryl Shepard (Black Pyramid, The Scimitar, Hackman, Milligram, Roadsaw) specializing in looped guitar movements, building and layering upon each other to create compositions of dense distortion and delicate lines, as well as purely ambient pieces. Shepard's BLACKWOLFGOAT will unleash a brand new full-length entitled Drone Maintenance later this month via Small Stone.

As a precursor to its unveiling, Cvlt Nation is currently streaming second track, "Notausgang." Comments Shepard, "'Notausgang' is a psychedelic guitar freak-out, definitely different from anything BLACKWOLFGOAT has done before. It was inspired by bands like Guru Guru and Ash Ra Tempel, German bands from the late '60s and early '70s who had lots of crazy guitar stuff going on in their songs. And Jimi Hendrix too, there's definitely some Hendrix influence in there as well. It's basically just a straight up guitar freak-out."

Adds Cvlt Nation, "Drone Maintenance invites us into an alternate, futuristic dimension, where we see life through the eyes of a drone repairman, and the music invokes a strange feeling, one of being the last human job on a mechanized planet, but not necessarily in a dystopic way."

Turn up and trip out at THIS LOCATION.

Engineered and mixed by Glenn Smith (Tired Old Bones Ehnahre, Ichabod et al) at his Amps vs. Ohms studios in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the ten-track Drone Maintenance is a quasi-concept album that sends Shepard into the future as a drone repairman, fixing and servicing rogue drones. Musically, BLACKWOLFGOAT's palette has expanded to include acoustic guitar and judiciously applied vocal parts, but the main focus remains the electric guitar itself - without any other instrumentation or ulterior motives, and frequently captured live in one take with minimal overdubs of carefully considered embellishments added to the base layer. Inspired by early-'70s fusion, Krautrock, (Randy Holden's Population II) and suffocating doom, each song could serve as a soundtrack for an as-yet-unrealized film, yet they stand on their own and transduce their own moods. Drone Maintenance urges listeners to leave all preconceptions of traditional music at the door and take an audio journey to places both bathed in sunlight and cloaked in darkness. Additionally, Drone Maintenance boasts another otherworldly creation from renowned artist Alexander von Wieding (Karma To Burn, Monster Magnet, Trouble, et al).

BLACKWOLFGOAT's Drone Maintenance will be released via Small Stone Recordings August 26th, 2014. Preorder your copy today at THIS LOCATION where you can also sample closing track, "Cyclopian Utopia."

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SkyAcre - Sacred Ground

Every once in a while a totally random album strikes a nerve. With me it's usually something that is slightly abnormal yet possesses bits and pieces of several styles that I enjoy to a satisfying level. SkyAcre became that band early last month after I discovered them on Bandcamp.

Sacred Ground hits that sweet spot by combining grungy desert groove, indie rock flair and punky psychedelic rhythm. They didn't send a promo. They weren't asking for attention per say, but the music absolutely demands it. This is seriously invigorating stuff here folks. I've wanted to write up a little some'n some'n for a while but just hadn't yet found the words. Nor did I really, just a bit of rambling here….

The songs typically start out a little easy going from the smooth bass, gentle precise riffs and soft vocals veering into a rather angular post-punkish/mathy direction which scenically captures a panoramic soundscape accessible to even the most audibly handicapped. A heavy western flair lurks within the majority of the record pairing comfortably with the soothingly gruff vocal cries. Mild guitar distortion flashes like heavy eyes baking in a shadeless haze during the mid 1990's. The instruments all come together full circle keeping the band from falling victim to any sort of genre pigeon-holing. The vocals have a convincing tone with a variable volume that keeps listeners at bay.

Songs like "Steps on Sacred Ground" are a perfect example of what I'm getting at. Smooth and sexy opening with a gentle vocal whisper morphing into a haunting fetish of grunge laced fuzzorama.
The band lists a variety of influences on their Facebook profile which are definitely evident including Sonic Youth, Pixies, Nirvana, The Beatles and Black Sabbath. I could argue throw equal parts in the blender; add a little lemon zest and you have yourself a SkyAcre cocktail. Pretty potent stuff and goes down smooth. I'm a fan, bought the CD which came with some swag including a fridge magnet of the cover art, which I have on my fridge right now next to a couple other band magnets I've randomly collected. That says quite a bit right there. Only the best sounding bands are worthy of holding up pics of the kids on the fridge. If they sucked they would not be on my fridge; the band’s magnet that is.

Let us know how you liked it. You did go straight to the link to push play correct? Well, it'd be a lot cooler if you did.

-The Huntsman

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

LO-PAN: Ohio Riff Bringers Premiere New Tune Via Noisey; Tour With Black Cobra To Commence Next Week

With a tour supporting Black Cobra just one week away and a brand new record, the fittingly titled Colossus, on the horizon, Ohio riff bringers LO-PAN are pleased to uncork opening track, "Regulus," via Noisey.

Elaborates vocalist Jeff Martin of the tune, "'Regulus' is the brightest star in the Leo constellation. It's a multiple system consisting of four stars. 'Regulus' is also Latin for 'prince' or 'little king.' The song is about a dream I had. In the dream I lived on a planet in the regulus system and the star was about to explode. The planet is about to be destroyed. And I'm reflecting on life as a whole facing the knowledge that I'm about to die basically."

Adds Noisey: "Colossus is a great name... In one breath it handily evokes images of majesty, grandeur, and past glories... It hints at hard-won battles and blood seeping into foreign sands, of rough-hewn idols and monoliths crumbling into the foaming sea. It paints a pretty goddamn inspiring picture. That being said, on a less romantic level, Colossus also slots neatly into doom's obsession with really big... things. Ours is a world populated by behemoths and mastodons, dying giants, sea lords, and elder gods, whose exploits and flights of fancy are riffed sweatily into existence by big burly dudes encircled by halos of amplifier tubes. It's larger than life, and if it's done right, it's way too much for your shitty foam earplugs to handle. It's awesome."

Check out "Regulus" before your imminent demise, now playing at Vice's sound portal at THIS LOCATION.

Named for the Colossus of Rhodes - a ninety-six-foot statue of the Greek titan-god of the sun, Helios, constructed in 280 BC to mark a failed siege and the indomitable nature of the Greek city of Rhodes itself - LO-PAN's fourth full-length, Colossus, serves as their most personal composition to date and a true testament to their evolution as a band. Having honed their musicianship through perpetual touring and partnering with producer/engineer Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Rosetta, East Of The Wall et al) at his Translator Audio Studio in Brooklyn, the Columbus four-piece knew exactly what they wanted out of this recording. Together they belted out ten smolderingly soulful psalms that reveal just how much they've moved beyond their influences to arrive at their own sound - a style built on aggression without caricature, fuzz without cliché, melody without redundancy and their meanest groove to date.

As a precursor to the release of Colossus, LO-PAN will take to the streets next week on a gargantuan live excursion alongside San Francisco volume perpetrators, Black Cobra. The trek will commence in Phoenix on August 28th and wind through nearly three dozen cities, with additional LO-PAN headlining shows added to the jaunt. See confirmed dates below.

LO-PAN w/ Black Cobra:
8/28/2014 Club Red - Phoenix, AZ
8/29/2014 Sister - Albuquerque, NM
8/30/2014 Conservatory - Oklahoma City, OK
8/31/2014 Doublewide - Dallas, TX
9/01/2014 Silver Dollar - Texarkana, AR *
9/02/2014 Red 7 - Austin, TX
9/03/2014 Fitzgeralds - Houston, TX
9/04/2014 Siberia - New Orleans, LA
9/05/2014 Handlebar - Pensacola, FL
9/06/2014 Orpheum - Tampa, FL
9/07/2014 Gramps - Miami, FL
9/08/2014 Back Booth - Orlando, FL
9/09/2014 529 - Atlanta, GA
9/10/2014 The Mothlight - Asheville, NC
9/11/2014 Chop Shop - Charlotte, NC
9/12/2014 Strange Matter - Richmond, VA
9/13/2014 The Pinch - Washington, DC
9/14/2014 Dusk - Providence, RI
9/15/2014 Nectars - Burlington, VT
9/16/2014 TT The Bears - Boston, MA
9/17/2014 Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA
9/18/2014 Saint Vitus - New York, NY
9/19/2014 Lost Horizon - Syracuse, NY
9/20/2014 Bug Jar - Rochester, NY
9/21/2014 The Outpost - Kent, OH *
9/22/2014 Howlers - Pittsburgh, PA
9/23/2014 Reggie's - Chicago, IL
9/24/2014 7th St Entry - Minneapolis, MN
9/26/2014 Replay - Lawrence, KS
9/27/2014 Lost Lake Lounge - Denver, CO
9/28/2014 Burt's Tiki Bar - Salt Lake City, UT
9/29/2014 Dive Bar - Las Vegas, NV
9/30/2014 The Alley - Sparks, NV
10/01/2014 The Garage - Ventura, CA
10/02/2014 New Parish - Oakland, CA
10/04/2014 Downtown Lounge - Tulsa, OK *
*LO-PAN headlining date/No Black Cobra

Colossus will be released via Small Stone October 7th, 2014.

"With enough stoner rock goodness to destroy bridges and skyscrapers alike, LO-PAN show that they are one of several absolutely essential rock outfits working today and a major force to be reckoned with." - Sputnik Music




All Them Witches, the Nashville-based quartet who made waves in underground psych circles when their 2012 debut album Our Mother Electricity received praise from Roadburn and a rerelease via Stefan Koglek’s Electrohasch Records, return with Lightning At The Door, on Sept. 16.

The album’s first single, “Charles Williams,” is already enjoying airplay at WRLT and was featured in the band’s recent Daytrotter session.  All Them Witches have made the song available for streaming/embeds via Soundcloud (

The eight-song album finds the young band’s sound much more evolved, merging their psych-background with the rustic inspiration their stomping grounds afford.  A sweaty, Southern rock outing, the band was so inspired during the demo process they recorded Lightning At The Door in mere days.  “We tracked everything live in the same room,” explains singer/bass player Michael Parks, Jr.  “We got a lot of bleed form the mics and the amps being together.  Everything felt organic.”

The album comes as the band is in the midst of an extensive North American tour, with stops at Nashville’s Live on the Green (Aug. 28), the Midpoint Music Festival (Sept. 26 in Cincinnati), Day of the Shred (Nov. 1 in Santa Ana) and also includes a two-week span with Windhand (Sept. 4 to 21).

All Them Witches tour dates:

August 21     New York, NY     Mercury Lounge
August 22     Philadelphia, PA     Milkboy Philly
August 23     Stroudsberg, PA     Sherman Theater
August 24     Richmond, VA     Strange Matter
August 28     Nashville, TN     Live on the Green
September 4     Baltimore, MD     Ottobar
September 5     Pittsburgh, PA     31st Pub
September 6     Akron, OH     Musica
September 7     Columbus, OH     The Basement
September 9     Iowa City, IA    Gabe’s
September 10     Chicago, IL     Cobra Lounge
September 11    Minneapolis, MN     Triple Rock Social club
September 12    Cudahy, WI     Metal Grill
September 13    Ferndale, MI     The Loving Touch
September 14     Toronto, ON    Coda
September 16     Ottawa, ON     Café Dekcuf
September 17     Montreal, QC     Petit Campus
September 18     Cambridge, MA     The Middle East Upstairs
September 19     Providence, RI     AS220
September 20     Brooklyn, NY     Saint Vitus
September 21     Ithaca, NY     The Dock
September 26     Cincinnati, OH     Midpoint Music Festival
November 1     Santa Ana, CA     Day of the Shred

All Them Witches is Ben McLeod (guitar), Michael Parks, Jr. (vocals/bass), Robby Staebler (drums) and Allan Van Cleave (Fender Rhodes).

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